Tree Removal in Tight Spaces: Can It Be Done?

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Tree or palm removals can be difficult, dangerous, and disastrous if not executed correctly. Removing a tree requires even more skill when the tree is growing in a small area, next to a wall or building, or in any other type of tight space.

Not every tree company has the tools or experience with removing trees in these situations, which is why it may be a challenge to find one to do this task. Titan Tree Care is able to remove trees in most situations in the Anthem and Metro Phoenix areas.

In this article, we’ll go over some instances where trees may need to be removed from tight or cramped locations, the difficulties with removing them, and more.

Why are Trees Removed from Narrow Areas?

The most frequent reason that a tree may need to be removed from a narrow space is that it has outgrown the area. Branches may be brushing against the side of a building, roof, or wall, walkways or roadways may be obstructed, or tree roots may be uprooting sidewalks or other areas.

Remember, it’s important to always check the mature size that a tree will grow to before planting. You can learn more about how to choose and plant the right tree for your Phoenix area home in this article.

There may be other reasons to remove a tree from a small area, including:

  • The tree has died or is rapidly decaying
  • It is located under power lines and must constantly be trimmed
  • The tree is blocking access
  • At least half of the tree’s wood is always breaking and/or branches are often falling
  • The tree is damaged, infested, or diseased and doesn’t respond to treatment
  • It is leaning
  • The tree is invasive
  • The roots have been damaged
  • Parts or most of the tree are hollow

There may be other reasons to remove a tree in a tight space, but the above reasons are some of the most common.

If you’re not sure if your tree needs to be removed or if other options may be possible, contact Titan Tree Care for a consultation.

Can You Remove a Tree from a Cramped Location Yourself?

If the tree is still young and small, you probably can remove it yourself, yes. For most trees or palms that are in tight spaces, however, they will have grown large enough that professional skills and equipment are needed.

In fact, no matter the location, we highly recommend that you hire a professional tree company to remove your trees. The combination of heavy tree limbs, sharp equipment, and dangerous heights can result in injury (and often does) when property owners attempt to remove trees on their own.

Trees in difficult locations are even more difficult and dangerous to remove, which is why we use our knowledge, skills, and equipment to tackle these tree removals.

Removing a Tree in a Difficult Location

One of the reasons that the cost of removing a tree or palm can vary so greatly is because of where the tree is located. Other factors such as the type of tree, its health, how tall it is, and more are also important, but the location of the tree is one of the first things we look at.

We need to look at how to get to a tree, what tools will be needed, the best way to remove sections of the tree, and how to remove the wood from the location. Other aspects such as nearby power lines, walkways, hills, structures, or other trees are also taken into consideration.

During tree removal, the branches may be removed from the tree first. This often involves a tree climber scaling the tree and cutting the branches.

In some cases, we may utilize a crane or a bucket truck to help us reach some of the taller sections of trees, especially if a tree is too damaged or diseased and would be unsafe for a climber to climb.

Then the tree care crew will work together to get the larger tree branches to the ground without damaging anything. The Titan Tree Care crew often uses a complicated rigging system to minimize the potential for damage.

After the tree branches are removed, the tree stem, or trunk, will either be felled (toppled over with extreme care being taken in where it falls or lands), or the trunk will be cut and removed in pieces. Finally, the ground crew removes all of the sections of the tree from the area and cleans up the debris.

Contact Titan Tree Care for your Difficult Tree Removals

If you’re looking for a tree care company in the Phoenix area that has the tools and training to handle your tree or palm removal, contact Titan Tree Care today!

Our arborists can evaluate your tree and decipher the best way to remove your tree quickly and safely.


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