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Trees, plants, and cactus grow on a residential property in the phoenix area. These are among the best trees for phoenix arizona and the surrounding area.

8 of the Best Non-Native Trees for Phoenix, AZ

April 10, 2023

Eight non-native trees were recently approved for planting and are some of the best trees for Phoenix. These trees are wonderful additions to your property and though they are non-native they won’t negatively impact the native ecosystem. The newly approved non-native trees include the laurel fig, the fruitless olive, the red push pistache, the mastic tree, the weeping fig, the Brazilian pepper tree, the sago palm, and the pygmy date palm. These non-native trees are beautiful, exotic additions to your Phoenix area property and grow well when proper care guidelines outlined in this article are followed.

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A tree-of-heaven growing in a yard with green grass with a red circle and slash through line, representing that it is one of the trees to avoid to be planted in phoenix properties.

7 Trees to Avoid Planting in Your Phoenix-Area Yard

November 3, 2022

Different trees thrive in different areas of the country. When choosing a tree to plant in your Phoenix-area yard, aethestic is only one factor to think about. You’ll also want to know if the tree is native, causes allergy problems, and can survive in our dry desert climate. Don’t plant the wrong trees in your yard!

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Water coming out of a hose.

How to Properly Water Young or Newly-Planted Trees in the Desert

July 12, 2022

Learn how to water your newly planted desert trees to help them grow and thrive. We cover proper watering methods, including what to use and how much water to give to your tree, how long to water after planting, how mulch can help or hurt young trees, depending on how it’s applied, and more.

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Trees planted in front of a property in phoenix.

When’s the Best Time to Plant a Tree in North Phoenix?

June 3, 2022

Adding a tree (or several) to your property has many benefits. A fully-grown tree can provide shade to your yard, oxygen to the atmosphere, and can even reduce the air temperature around it. We’ve already covered topics concerning planting trees including: how…

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A shovel being used to dig a hole in a lawn.

How Wide Should the Hole Be When Planting a Tree?

May 9, 2022

Did you know that many newly planted trees don’t survive because they are planted incorrectly? It may not seem too important, but it’s surprising how picky young trees can be about how and where they are planted. One of the most common…

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Tree staking close up.

How & When to Stake a Tree in Your Desert Landscape

April 11, 2022

Many times, when you come across a tree that has recently been planted here in the Phoenix or Anthem areas, you’ll also see a stake next to that tree, tied to the tree in various ways. We have previously written about how tree…

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Tree watering

Why Planting a Tree in the Phoenix Area is Worth the Water

January 23, 2020

One of the biggest concerns we hear when we mention planting more trees in our area is the amount of water needed. Water is scarce, so why “waste” it on trees? In our opinion (which is backed up by scientists, forestry workers,…

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Planting trees

How Deep Should You Plant A Tree?

October 14, 2019

Many people, including plenty of landscapers, plant trees too deep and this almost always results in damage to the tree (in fact, it’s often a fatal mistake). This is easy to remedy if you know what to look for and how to…

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5 Ways Buying a Tree Will Save You Money

December 18, 2018

Buying, watering and caring for a tree is an investment. But trees actually can save homeowners money. Here are a few ways trees produce a return on your investment: Trees Save Energy There’s a reason so many cities have renewed efforts to plant more…

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Most New Trees Don’t Need Support: What’s at Stake

December 19, 2017

A new tree is an investment that needs proper care for it to thrive. And if you plant a tree for shade in the hot Arizona desert, you’re probably anxious for it to reach mature size. So it’s not surprising that people…

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