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Know what you can and cannot plant in your Anthem yard

Anthem Country Club Approved Plants List

If you live in the Anthem Country Club community, you'll want to be familiar with the ACCCA Approved Plant List. The list was developed by the developer and applies to residential Lots of the Anthem Country Club community. Only ACCCA-approved plants are allowed on the Lot. This includes potted plants.

Before planting anything, homeowners should research their plant material choices so that the right plant is sited in the appropriate location. Things to consider include:

  • mature plant size
  • light and water requirements
  • spines and sharp tips
  • allergens
  • amount of litter produced by the plant
  • plant parts that are unhealthy to people and pets

Palm and citrus plants and trees are prohibited.

Additional plants are available for use in the rear yard of homes in the Anthem Country Club community.

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