North Phoenix, AZ Tree Care Services

Located in the greater metropolitan area, North Phoenix is a community within the larger city that lies near the Phoenix Mountains. The community is characterized by its sunny, warm and dry climate with warm temperatures in the winter and soaring temperatures in the summer. This rugged, dry environment makes it important to take extra care of your trees and shrubs. You’ll need to make certain that they are regularly watered and that they remain disease-free. It is also important to keep them pruned and trimmed so that they do not become overgrown and threaten your home and other structures on your property.



Some trees need to be removed to protect your home or your property line. Tree roots can threaten your home’s foundation. Trees may also grow enough to damage fences, and they may overhang onto your neighbor’s property. Titan Tree Care can remove problem trees from your lawn. We are able to do so safely so that you will not suffer any damage. When we are finished removing the tree, we can remove it so that nothing is left behind.


If you have a stump in your yard, it is important for you to remove it. Stumps provide food for termites and other insects that can then go on to infest your home, causing structural damage. The roots that extend from old stumps may also cause problematic waterspouts to form, causing damage to your lawn. When you remove a stump, you will also have a place in which you can plant a new, healthy tree. The professional arborists at Titan Tree Care can grind your stump and remove it, allowing you to have an instantly more attractive and healthier lawn. Grinding stumps helps to prevent the roots from surviving so that they will not interfere with your home or lawn.



Titan Tree Care has a team of certified arborists who are able to help you with all of your tree needs. We can prune your trees to keep them healthy on a regular schedule. We are also able to inspect your existing trees for disease and help with the removal of overgrown, unwanted trees. Call us today to schedule your service or to receive your quote.