Anthem, AZ Tree Care services

Titan Tree Care provides a full range of tree care services to residents and businesses in and around the Anthem, AZ area. This is a thriving place, and people often migrate into this region to take advantage of the cultural amenities, business opportunities, and real estate deals. The weather is also extremely pleasant during the first few weeks of spring, but the hottest days of summer are marked by intense humidity. This is also the time when Anthem residents may begin to notice more problems with their trees, shrubs, and landscape.


Anthem is known for its beautiful foliage and luscious trees. However, these are also places where various types of insects can build their nests. They can lay their eggs inside the areas of the tree where there is overgrowth, and this allows the insects to invade your home in search of food and water. For example, termites, ants and beetles can build their nests around trees, bushes and other types of foliage. As the weather gets warm, they will emerge from these dark places and enter your home through tiny cracks that are often invisible to the eye. In some cases, pruning the trees in your yard can reduce the ability of these insects to breed. In other cases, however, a complete tree removal might be necessary.


Tree removal services are effective in removing the source of your insect infestation. Some trees in Anthem will grow in a location that invites insect infestations. They can build nests or lay eggs in the leaves or at the base of the tree where there is nourishment in the soil. These insects can be extremely difficult to manage once they build their colonies. This is why some of our clients choose to remove the entire tree instead of pruning the leaves and branches. This is an important consideration for business owners in Anthem because an infestation of ants, beetles or mosquitoes around your property can ruin your reputation. This can also affect your business directly if there are termites involved.


Our exceptional stump removal program is designed for Anthem residents and business owners. Once you decide to remove a tree from your property, you will have to decide if you want to leave the stump in the ground. We advise removing the stump because this is a known breeding ground for subterranean termites, carpenter ants, and other insects. In addition, removing the stump opens up the option of planting a different kind of tree in that location. Our stump removing program is calculated on the diameter of the tree stump, so you might want to measure this distance in advance.

Your Anthem Tree Service Company

Our company provides these services to a wide area around Anthem. Our methods are designed to address the root problem. Protect your valuable assets by contacting a professional at Titan Tree Care if you are experiencing any problems with the trees on your property.