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Large shade tree providing cooling comfort for a phoenix home.

Beat the Phoenix Heat: 3 Ways Trees Can Slash Your Home’s Cooling Costs

Scorching heat have you hiding indoors? Learn how strategically planted shade trees cool your Phoenix home naturally and help reduce energy bills.

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Sunlight streaming through an arizona sycamore tree in phoenix.

6 Signs of Tree Stress in North Phoenix

Phoenix heat and desert sun stressing your trees? Here are 6 signs to watch out for and how to save your trees before it’s too late.

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A man uses loppers to prune an olive tree in north phoenix.

Top 5 Pruning Tips for Healthier Desert Trees

Learn how to maintain your healthy desert trees with proper pruning tips and advice from tree care experts.

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A diverse desert garden showcasing a variety of plants and trees adapted to arid conditions, creating a vibrant and sustainable outdoor space.

Selecting the Best Trees for North Phoenix Landscapes

Whether you’re looking to create a shaded oasis in your backyard, contribute to the urban canopy, or add a touch of nature’s elegance to your property, understanding the best tree options is crucial. Join us as we explore the top tree recommendations for North Phoenix landscapes, designed to flourish in our climate and bring lasting beauty and benefits to your outdoor spaces.

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Tree shrubs flowers

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers to Add Winter Interest to Your Phoenix Yard

Looking for new plants or trees to add to your Phoenix-area landscape? We’ve compiled a list of trees and plants that give winter interest to your yard through bright colors, inviting flowers, and more!

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Titan mistletoe 1

Is Desert Mistletoe Killing Your Tree?


What should you do if you find desert mistletoe growing in your tree? How did it get there? Can you prevent it? Find answers and practical advice about mistletoe in the Phoenix area.

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A view of a thick patch of wheat-colored buffelgrass.

How Buffelgrass Is Making Phoenix Area Wildfires Worse

Discover how invasive Buffelgrass is fueling wildfires and threatening Phoenix area ecosystems.

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A variety of trees, plants, and cacti growing near anthem, arizona.

7 Ways that Desert Trees Are Different: What You Need to Know About Phoenix-Area Trees

Trees that grow in the desert in the Phoenix and Anthem areas have different characteristics than those in other areas of the country. In this article, learn seven ways desert trees are different (and how that helps them survive).

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A phoenix-area yard with trees, plants, and a walkway leading to a house.

How to Create Microclimates on Your Phoenix-Area Property


Temperature, humidity, wind, and soil composition can vary in smaller areas, known as microclimates. Learn how to create and use microclimates on your own Phoenix-area property.

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The phoenix area at sunset, with an orange tint covering the area, showing that phoenix is an urban heat island.

What You Need to Know About Urban Heat Islands in the Phoenix Area


Anthem and the greater Phoenix area are becoming warmer, thanks in part to something known as the urban heat island effect. In this article, we’ll discuss how roads, buildings, and lack of vegetation have led to increased temperatures, how it can impact you and your property, and what you can do.

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