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A shovel being used to dig a hole in a lawn.

How Wide Should the Hole Be When Planting a Tree?

May 9, 2022

Did you know that many newly planted trees don’t survive because they are planted incorrectly? It may not seem too important, but it’s surprising how picky young trees can be about how and where they are planted. One of the most common…

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Tree staking close up.

How & When to Stake a Tree in Your Desert Landscape

April 11, 2022

Many times, when you come across a tree that has recently been planted here in the Phoenix or Anthem areas, you’ll also see a stake next to that tree, tied to the tree in various ways. We have previously written about how tree…

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A topped palo verde tree.

Why You Should NOT Top Your Trees

March 17, 2022

We’ve all seen trees that look like the top has been chopped off. Major branches have been cut off at random lengths, branch stubs are clearly visible, and most of the leaves are gone. If you’ve ever wondered why trees are “pruned”…

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Dogs sitting on the ground staring at the camera in a pet-friendly yard.

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Landscape for your Phoenix-Area Yard

February 3, 2022

Avoid large veterinary bills with these tips for creating a pet-friendly yard. We cover toxic and dangerous plants and trees, wildlife to watch out for, yard and garden products to avoid, and weather conditions that can kill your pets.

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Tree shrubs flowers

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers to Add Winter Interest to Your Phoenix Yard

January 6, 2022

In other climates, the term “winter interest” often applies to trees with peeling bark, red berries that pop against white snow, or flowers that dry out and create compelling shapes in the landscape. In the Phoenix and Anthem areas, however, it can…

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A cactus in the middle of a snow-covered lawn.

How to Prevent Winter Damage to Phoenix Area Trees & Plants

December 1, 2021

Winter frost, snow, and freezing temperatures can cause sunscald, desiccation, and other damage to your landscape plants. Learn how to prevent these problems and, if they do occur, how to help your trees, shrubs, and plants recover.

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Wood Mulch vs Rocks: Which is Best for Phoenix-Area Yards?

November 10, 2021

Should you cover bare ground in your yard with gravel or rocks, or is it better to spread a layer of wood chips or mulch? Get the pros and cons of each, plus our recommendation for the best soil cover.

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Titan blog header 1200 × 500 px 6

Caliche FAQs: Can You Grow Trees in Caliche?

October 13, 2021

A guide to caliche soil, how it harms plants, and how to manage it so you can successfully grow trees and other plants in your Phoenix area yard. Caliche, an accumulation of calcium carbonate found in the ground throughout Southern Arizona, can…

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A bunch of tecoma flowers.

What’s Eating my Tecoma Plants?

September 8, 2021

If there has been an active monsoon season (like there has been at the time of this article being written), you might have noticed that your tecoma plants may not look as healthy as they normally do. This is thanks to a…

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Titan blog header 1200 × 500 px 8

Is My Ocotillo Dead?

August 3, 2021

We’ve recently had quite a bit of rain in the Phoenix and Anthem areas. Many drought-deciduous trees and plants are thriving after surviving the ongoing drought conditions. But, even with the added moisture, some plants and trees that you thought were surviving…

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