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Planting trees

How Deep Should You Plant A Tree?


Many people, including plenty of landscapers, plant trees too deep and this almost always results in damage to the tree (in fact, it’s often a fatal mistake). This is easy to remedy if you know what to look for and how to…

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Best Shade Trees For Your Anthem or Greater Phoenix Yard

We’ve gone over the myriad of benefits that trees provide in earlier blog posts: they remove pollutants, decrease stress, improve health, prevent storm runoff, provide food and shelter for wildlife…the list is endless. Yet I’m sure most of us in the greater Phoenix and…

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Skyline during the night showing light pollution.

Minimize Light Pollution With the Right Landscape Lighting For Your Outdoor Space

If you’ve never used landscape lighting, you may be surprised at what a difference it can make. When daytime temperatures in the northern Phoenix area drive us indoors during the summer, the cooler nighttime hours become the best time to enjoy your…

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Water flowing from a watering wand into a basin around a texas mountain laurel shrub.

Know the Signs of Salt Buildup in Desert Soil & How to Fix It

Salty soil? In the desert? Really? Yes, really. We have pretty hard water in Anthem and the greater Phoenix area, meaning that there are a lot of minerals dissolved in it. When the water dries (including in your soil), minerals such as…

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Mycorrhizae: Why You Want This Fungus to Infect Your Trees

Your trees are probably infected with a fungus. How’s that for an attention-getter? But here’s the shocking part – it’s a good thing. In fact, you want to encourage this particular type of fungus to infect your trees, plants, and shrubs whenever…

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Palo verde flowering trees.

Do Palo Verde Trees Make You Sneeze?

I was sitting outside a coffee shop the other day, watching appreciatively as a palo verde tree’s bloom-laden branches swayed gracefully in the breeze. The contrast of the bright yellow against the shockingly deep blue sky was mesmerizing. As I was admiring…

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Phoenix’s Ambitious 2030 Tree Canopy Goal: Facts, Benefits & Actions

In 2010, Arizona State University and the City of Phoenix adopted a plan to create an urban forest in the city. The goal of the Tree and Shade Master Plan is to have a 25% tree canopy in Phoenix by 2030. As the city…

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Is It Time to Renovate Your Landscape Irrigation System?

Spring is the perfect time to assess and repair the irrigation system for your trees and garden beds, so you can correct problems before summer heat stresses your plants. It’s also a good time to consider whether your irrigation system needs renovation.…

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Liquid Fertilizer: Why, When & How to Improve Your Low Desert Landscape

As temperatures warm up in the low desert, trees and shrubs begin to grow more quickly or start adding leaves, flowers and fruit. Many trees and shrubs need extra energy for this spring growth. And that’s where liquid fertilizers can help. Use Fertilizers…

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Rejuvenation or Renewal Pruning in the Phoenix Area

If you aren’t used to dealing with our native flowering shrubs, you might assume that shearing them (constantly cutting them into a particular shape, such as a rounded top or a cylinder) is the best way to manage them. After all, you…

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